Selling Your Home Is As Easy As 1,2,3.

1. Choose a REALTOR®
2. Sell Your Home on the MLS®     Pay only 3% total listing commission

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Selecting the correct real estate brokerage has become more important than ever.

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Looking for a property is more than just trying to find a house.

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Closing your real estate deal should not bring about any surprises.

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Searching for the ideal solution for selling your home should not be difficult.
The List is really quite simple, you need:

1. The highest amount of money possible from your home sale
2. The least amount of hassle       3. Pay the lowest amount of commission

It is fair to state that listing with a licensed REALTOR® gives you the least amount of hassle,
however gaining the highest amount of money possible from your home sale,
is really the responsibility of three factors:

1. Pricing your home correctly for the market
2. The condition of your property     3. Marketing exposure to potential buyers

Pricing your home correctly for the market can be daunting, you may know that your neighbours listed their home a few months ago for XXX dollars, however did you know how much their house really sold for?
REALTORS® have access to very useful online tools including Land Registry data and of course historical MLS® sold prices. From this data and a quick viewing of your home, we are able to accurately assist you in determining the best listing price to hit the market.

The condition of your property is obviously an important selling factor, the more appealing the property looks to potential buyers the higher the likelihood of buyer interest. Like many things in life preparation is the key. When preparing your house for sale it is important to open your mind and visit your home through buyers' eyes. How does your house look from the street? Would it benefit from planting extra flowers in the front yard or repainting the garage door? Do all the outside lamps work Ok? Look indoors, could any of the door or window trims benefit from repainting? Are there any burnt out light bulbs? Are all the carpets clean? Help us help you sell your property by making it even more appealing to potential buyers, not only will it increase your chances of a quick sale, it is also a proven cost effective way to improve the overall marketing process and potentially increase it's value.

Marketing exposure to potential buyers is an extremely important factor in the home selling process. Let's face it, if knowbody knows your property is for sale, then nobody will come to see it. Utilizing the huge exposure of the MLS® system through the services of a REALTOR® is an extremely valuable property marketing tool.

Next we can address the Pay the lowest amount of commission:

This of course would be for-sale-by-owner, however when you factor in the lack of Marketing exposure, and the difficulty of Pricing your home correctly for the market, it may be worth listing with a traditional REALTOR® who offers substantial savings.

Graham Edwards Brokerage offers 3% Total Listing Commission.
This Includes The Selling Brokerage (Buyer brokerage) Commission.

For More Information, please visit Listing Your Property For Sale

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